Option to Mark a Tag as Reviewed? Or a workflow?

Love the Review Function for Projects.

One thing that is becoming apparent is that I do not review my tags periodically for completeness and accuracy.

Are there any workflows? Options to “review” or mark tags as “reviewed” that would work here?

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I would incorporate this into my monthly review or my quarterly review. I have a checklist that goes something like this:

Create a custom perspective called “Tags Review”
Set it show “all”
Grouped by Tags and sort by whatever parameter you want

Once a week or once a month, set aside a small time block (10-30 minutes) for this review. Or just include it as part of your monthly review or quarterly review.

If there are any tags that have not been used in a long time, consider deleting them.

Can I group some of these tags? I want to simplify tags and eliminate tags that aren’t used often enough.

As an example, I used to have tags for the following:

  • Call
  • WhatsApp Msg
  • iMessage
  • Facebook Msg
  • SMS
  • Followup
  • Waiting For

I broke my Communications tags into these various subgroups. I thought I needed to do this to be very specific. But I started seeing that it was just clutter for me. But it might work for someone else.

Eventually, I just settled on a People tag or a Customer tag. If it’s someone I talk to a lot then I’ll have a tag with their name. I have a bunch of customers that have a Customer tag but I’ll put their name in the task title.

  • Call John Doe re: billing software
  • WhatsApp Jane Doe re: cross-stitching art project

More times than not, I’ll generally have a good feel of which form of communication works best with certain people. I know John Doe prefers a phone call while Jane Doe usually contacts me through WhatsApp. The task title already has the form of communication that is needed.

Does that tag still need to exist in my life right now?
Perhaps I have a tag that was useful during a specific period of my life. I passed through that season or stage and no longer need it. Consider dropping or deleting that tag.

As an example, I had an On Hold tag called After COVID. During the various lockdowns, there were many things that I couldn’t do while under the pandemic lockdown. I assigned this tag to a bunch of tasks that I’ll work on when I got out of lockdown. When I resumed normal operations, I just delete the tag and POOF! - all these on hold tasks suddenly became available in my various custom perspectives.

Some tags have a specific shelf life and can be removed safely.

I do try to make sure I’m in an intentional state of mind before doing the tag review. I don’t want to go through the tags review half-heartedly and just glancing at them.

I’m sure you can create your own checkllist that fits your needs. Print it out and use that checklist so that you don’t forget what you’re looking for.


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