Option to not include paused projects in Review perspective flag

I don’t review paused projects. Which means I always have a flag on my Review perspective and need a daily re-occurring task to check the review perspective. In my opinion this is an example of software failing the user. The software is requiring the user to do work to answer a question which the software already knows the answer to and could do the work for the user.

OmniGroup, please consider making this change.

In contrast to you, I want to and do review Projects that are on hold. It cannot therefore be a failing of the software to allow for this. It is just a difference of user preference.

I have an AppleScript to reset the review periods based on status. I am not on my desktop where I can find it right now. A search on the forum should reveal it.



Reviewing paused projects is a necessity for me. Most of my paused projects are set for a longer review cycle (usually monthly or longer). I get to remind myself about a paused project and can determine whether to keep it paused or do something about it. Perhaps it is stuck and needs some revision? Or I might just delegate it to someone else with more time or a better skill set than me. Or I might just delete it because its importance has degraded to over time?

When I set my project’s status to active, I shorten the review cycle to weekly or less.

In this case, reviewing paused projects has been a a complete success and not a failure for me. The review cycle is one of Omnifocus’ unique features that keeps me here.

If you want, you can set the next review date to a far off date into the future, that should stop your review reminder.


Thanks DrJJWMac! I found your script and modified it for my needs as shown below. I then setup a Keyboard Maestro script to execute this Applescript at 11AM every day. I figure it will run at least once every 7 days and when the project is set to active again it will show up for review in the next week so that I can adjust the review period appropriately. This should work splendidly for my needs.

If anyone has a recommendation for how to run an Applescript once a day without Keyboard Maestro please let me know.

on run

set nextReviewDate to (current date) + (7 * days)

tell application “OmniFocus”

  tell front document window of default document to set its perspective name to "Projects"
  tell default document
  	-- set reviews of On Hold projects
  	set OnHoldProjects to (id of every flattened project whose status is on hold)
  	repeat with ProjectID in OnHoldProjects
  		set (the next review date of project id ProjectID) to nextReviewDate
  	end repeat
  end tell

end tell
end run

A search for “automatically schedule AppleScript for specific times” returns many recommendations.


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