Optionally configure a perspective to always appear on Apple Watch

OF on Apple Watch will display the content of whatever perspective is currently open on the iPhone. This is a terrific feature.

To get a different perspective on the Watch we have to open OF on the phone and switch perspectives. It would be useful if we could configure a perspective to always appear on the Watch – say, a “Show on Watch” option on that perspective’s properties sheet. This would also let us have multiple perspectives available on the Watch.

It’s also a minor annoyance to have to remember to “prime” the Watch by opening the right perspective before exiting OF on the phone.

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I just filed a feature request for this earlier this week! I’ll let the rest of the team know you’d like to see this, too!


THIS. I always want to see “Nearby” tasks on my Apple Watch, but I rarely remember to select the perspective on my iPhone before pocketing it.

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Another vote please, given a member of Omni has posted it as a request I won’t bother.

This would be my favourite feature! (Until the next great feature) … The ability to have “Nearby” permanently on the watch is SO KEY. Basically, the only reason to look at my watch for tasks is if I’m in that place. A must have feature. @SupportHumans (OK if only Pro)