Optionally hide a calendar event in Forecast view - feature request

I’ve been an OF user since back in early OF1 days. I am loving OmniFocus 3! There are so many things to like about it.

Feature request: Optionally hide a calendar event in Forecast View

Use case example:
There are some items in my “Kids” calendar I need to see during the day and some I can ignore. I’d like to be able to hide those that I can ignore. (Similar for my shared view of my spouse’s calendar where I need to remain aware of some of their events, but can ignore others.)
(I could give additional examples.)

How I imagine it would work:
I’d swipe on the calendar event and have an option to select “Hide”.
The calendar event then disappears.
Once there’s one or more “hidden” calendar events in a given view, an additional triangle-expansion item appears named “Hidden Calendar Items” with the default being unexpanded.
One can swipe and “Unhide” hidden calendar events from the “Hidden Calendar Items”.

Thanks for considering this!

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And, Yes, I have also sent this feature request to the support email. Thanks!


I agree. Also would be useful on the desktop version. Or just add “done” indicator on calendar items, which would mean “hide” them.