Order & pickup pills monthly. How would you setup this repeat task?

Once per month I have to call and reorder my prescription.

a few days Iater, they call and say it’s ready. (sometimes they forget to call or to fill it, so I need a notice ~3 days after i call them)

After it’s ready, I schedule the day to pick them up. I could put that in calendar, but the “call to reorder” reminder is dependent on the day I pick it up. I need the “call to reorder” reminder ~3 weeks after pickup.

Right now I’m using two tasks (reorder and pickup) which link to eachother, to tell me to adjust the date of the other, which I do manually. They use arbitrary repeat days because while I want to reuse them, I don’t know when the next reorder will be when i reorder. And I don’t know when the next pickup will be when I pickup…

Ideas for a more elegant solution?
Thank you!

What about: a sequential group with three tasks:

  • Call to reorder prescription
  • Waiting for: prescription to be ready
  • Pick up prescription

If you set the group itself to repeat (based on defer date) 3 weeks after completion then that may do what you need?


You can also set a custom notification 3 days after your call.

Do this the next time you get a new pill box:

What is your stock today? How many pills do you have?
How many do you use every day?
When will it be empty? How many days til it happens?
Make a notification 2 - 3 days before you are empty. “Order new prescription/medicine”.
Now make a repeatable task - ex every month on “empty day”.

I used to have an app on my iPhone that did this for me and for all my meds. Worker fine, but was a litte work each refill time. Now I am moving that to OF under the tag Health…

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Thanks for replies!

The custom notifications I had forgotten about, though I have a vague memory of them not getting along well with repeating actions.

I’ll try and report back.

FYI: This plug-in will create a project with sequential tasks for tracking doses during the course of a medication.

I do this through the Due app as it nags me until i do it. I’m on a 4 weekly cycle, but it works perfectly.

i also use Due to remind me to take my tablets.

Yeah, me too! Works super. Even reminds me of medication three times a day on my Apple Watch! :-)

I wish I could love OF again (that’s why I follow this amazing Forum) but to create a reminder to take a pill on Todoist will take me just this much: “Take Pill every! 8 hours ending in 10 days”.

The “Take Pill” task will repeat every 8 hours after I complete the task (that’s the reason for the exclamation point) and will end following the doctor’s prescription after 10 days of the start.

Natural language input is a game changer for GTD oriented apps and OF is loosing ground year after year 😔.

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Pretty sure custom notifications dont work with repeat items


I think I solved it. Its a sequential project (or action group) that repeats the defer date every 21 days. Because I need to see the first task (order pills) 21 days after the last (pick up).

Thanks for all the ideas!

Now if only I could alter defer dates on single occurrences of repeat items…

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