Organise Perspectives by Folder

I have just sent suggestion to Omni for suggesting to add folder feature for the perspective.

I am leave message here because I need someone have also suggesting this feature to them if you are also need the feature.

The folder feature I want to suggesting is that using folder to organise the perspectives we created, because previous version of OmniFocus was using context instead of tag, and the current structure of perspective, it’s surely suitable to used for the context structure, but if using for tag, I think that it’s not really suitable for the current structure of the perspective because context can only choose for one for an action or project, but tag can choose for many tags for an action or project, so it can make many possibility.

Folder structure for perspective that I can create a folder named is Work, and all of the task related to work or situation needed to track for work can be keeping in the folder, or Errands can also distinguishing every areas I want to go instead of current structure only created for Errands, maybe I can preset for every area in the folder of the perspective, and when I want to go there for meeting a friend, I can quickly to check for the perspective of the area I preset in the folder to know what I need to done at the area.

I know that current structure can also created for many perspectives and don’t need the folder, but there would a long list.

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