Organize tasks inside "Today" Forecast (manually does not work)

hey there.

I have 14 tasks for today. How can I set the order so I can do them in the order I prefer?
I tried to do it manually but it does not work ( mac )

This is so annoying!



No can do.

There is, I just realized, a way to do it. It’s not the most elegant method, and it requires an extra step, but if you regularly have many today tasks to handle, you might find it worthwhile. The Forecast view can be set to show a specific tag (click on the eye symbol). Create a tag for this specific purpose. When you have such a tag, you select the tasks for today and assign the tag to them. They will then show up, doubled, under this tag. Not so elegant, I know, but under the tag you may actually order them in the way you prefer by dragging.

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@Andre.Costa101, I became aware that my suggestion about showing a specific tag in the Forecast view only works in the pro version of Omnifocus, and my guess is that you only have the standard version. Sorry about that. There is still a way to do it with a specific tag, though. If you assign your tasks for today a tag of your choice, you could then show the Tags perspective, and there select the tag in the left sidebar. You will then have your today tasks shown and could drag them to the order you like.

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