Organizing Tasks by due date

I use due dates to drive my actions. I would love to be able to have actions within a project just automatically be arranged by due date, but alas, I’ve always had to “Select All” in a project and then
Organize > Sort Once > By Due Date
This works, although having them do so automatically would be ideal!

With OmniFocus4 the tasks no longer re-arrange themselves by due date when I follow the above procedure, even though those commands are “available.”

I have one project that has 217 actions which I need to be able to view in chronological order.


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I created a keyboard maestro macro that does this every day at 8:30 am or via a keystroke.

Care to post the KM macro for testing and understanding of other things I might be able to change?

I created a custom perspective called “Keyboard Maestro Sort”. It focuses on the folders or the projects I want to sort. I didn’t want to go from project to project and sort them individually. I wanted to have one perspectives showing all the Single Action Lists or projects. That allowed me to sort just once. Much faster that way.