Outline always syncing in Omnipresence


Not sure if this goes in here or the Omnipresence section.

I have an Outliner document in Omnipresence which is approx 65mb. Every time I open or edit or expand/collapse a row on the iPad it seems to sync the whole 65mb constantly whilst the document is still open.

Is this normal as it seems to be constantly trying to sync, should it not only sync once the document has closed?

Also is it correct that the whole 65mb is uploaded again even if there has been no changes to the outline except expanding/collapsing a row?

Many thanks

Which version of OmniOutliner are you using on your iPad? Expanding or collapsing while viewing a document is not suppose to trigger a autosave which in turn triggers a sync. If you make other types of edits though, it will trigger an autosave at some point. Syncing will happen any time the file is saved even while open.

The behavior you should see is if you open the file, expanded a section, then closed the file, it would sync because on close we save the expansion state so it reopens that way.

Hi Derek

Thanks for your reply!

It is the latest version of OO on the iPad. You are correct in so much that it does not trigger a save just by collapsing/expanding a row. (Just tested it now).

However I can see that the continual saving whilst working on the document could be an issue especially on mobile data. Also the other issue for me is that upload speeds are incredibly slow here compared to download. It would be good if the there was an option to only sync when the document was closed.

I’ve never really noticed the delays in the past probably because i’ve always had smaller documents.

I’m wondering if the best data friendly work around would be to use OP as a transfer portal and move the document to Local and back to OP when finished.

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Syncing occurs when the file is open so you can have the file open on multiple devices and they’ll all update with changes. Mobile data can certainly be an issue and you can turn off cell data use per-app in iOS Settings > Cellular > Use Cellular Data For:. That of course doesn’t give you ability to sync over cell data when you close the file without toggling it manually. Your suggestion to copy the file locally while working on it would certainly work.