Outlook 15 processing and follow-ups

I am looking for ideas on how to process email using Outlook 15 and more specifically to manage follow-ups. I’ve tried several options that I’ve found on the forums/Internet:

  1. Use OmniFocus hotkey to create tasks for each email I send that needs a follow-up. This is time consuming because most of the time I get responses back in the same day. The other problem with this approach is that when I need to follow-up, I need to find the email in my sent mail and then reply-all to follow-up.

  2. Use FastScripts and OutlookToOmniFocus script to create new tasks from emails I send. Requires me to switch to the sent mail box to select the email I just sent and then trigger the script. When I need to follow-up, I still need to find the email in my sent email box and then reply-all.

  3. At the start of each day, go through my sent email for the prior day and use Outlook’s flag for follow-up feature. I have an OmniFocus task to remind me to check my ToDos in Outlook daily for follow-up items. This process minimizes the number of things that slip through the crack, but it takes time to scan through 100+ emails per day. It’s too bad that Outlook 15 for Mac does not allow you to set the follow-up flag while composing an email (the Windows version does).

If you have a better option, please share.