Outlook 2011 to Omnifocus 2 (clickable link back to original email)

I have tried multiple scripts in the past and had great success with Rainer’s script (http://rainer.4950.net/2014/05/04/outlook-to-omnifocus2-take-10/)…the best part of this script was that it placed a ‘clickable link’ back to the original email as well as the email message in the notes section. This means you can process your emails (including filing messages) that you’ve turned into action items in Omnifocus, but when you’re ready to process, you simply click the link in notes and it opens the original email allowing you to reply, forward etc.

Rainer has done some updates (v10) that allows it to work with Omnifocus 2, however the clickable link no longer seems to work? it creates the note and to-do item, but when I click on the link it gives an error in Outlook: “OutlookMsg132971.olk14_message” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”

Has anyone else come across this, or know of a fix that would get this working again in the script?..or does anyone know of another script that offers this same “clickable” feature back to original message in outlook?

Thanks in advance, and loving OF2 after 5 year loyal years of use and a long beta period!!,

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I haven’t used either of them yet but you may want to check out the following which seems to be a script that does this:

Let us know how you get it to work though. I’m very very interested in figuring out how to do this!

It seems the topic relates to an older version of the same script…the script I’m using was updated recently to work with OF2 but unfortunately the error I’m getting is different to the one quoted in the other topic…hoping someone may know what’s causing it or can steer me in the right direction.

Thanks for the post,

Hi, I have a similar challenge - my link in the “notes” takes me to Outlook - I want it to click through to Airmail - is that possible and if so how? Thank you.