Output in traditional calendar format?

Has anyone figured out a quick, easy, reliable way to get Omniplan data into a traditional calendar format?

Some people seem to have trouble seeing/understanding Gantt charts. They prefer a standard, week-to-a-row calendar of boxes, one box per day (like the way Apple Calendar shows a month). Is there a good way to export a plan to that format?

One idea I just tried seems to work okay… Export to .ics format then import that into a “normal” calendar. A little clunky but not bad. It would be great if they could stay in sync somehow.

@joshfreeman I’m glad to hear that exporting an .ics file works ok for you! If you’re using the Pro edition of OmniPlan 3, you could also set up a publishing action that publishes tasks to a calendar:


However, exporting to .ics offers more customization options that publishing to a calendar currently does, so you may find that your current workflow is the best fit for you.