Overall quality of OmniPlan

This may not be the best place to get objective feedback on this, but I am interested in hearing from Omniplan users about their level of confidence in this product. I have used Omni products for many years and they are generally of high quality. But I recently downloaded OmniPlan and my experience thus far has been way below expectations. It crashed almost immediately (and then reliably using the same steps, which I did report to the support group). I approached the task from a different direction and was able to get past the crash. Then after a few minutes of relative success, I found that when I zoomed out on the timeline, the date bar did not update correctly, resulting in an incorrect timeline.

I need a product like OmniPlan. My previous experience with Omni would lead me to expect a solid product, but that is not what I am seeing. Is my experience significantly different from other users? Are there other users? The forum is pretty sparse, suggesting that there may not be too many.

Were this from any other company I would have simply walked away by now, but given that it is Omni, I thought I would reach out for a second opinion (or two).


I use it for planning at work and as a christian minister (part-time) for planning projects etc. I use on the iPad and Mac. To be honest I don’t think my projects are all that complex, so I have had no real issues with stability. Are your projects large complex files that test the app?

My projects are software development projects of medium complexity, but the issues showed up in my early testing, with very small projects. I am continuing to move forward, and things are more stable than I feared, but there are still some annoying (and rather obvious) bugs that I need to look past.

I Just started using it for projects and work and to manage my team in the projects, so far my struggle has been setting my teams schedule, its rotating with only certain days available so its tedious to enter each one as a custom or off hours.

@elchatoloco If you’re using the Pro edition of OmniPlan, you could use a calendar subscription to set up your team’s schedule in OmniPlan! Specifically, you could set up a subscription action that pulls the project or resource’s work schedule in from a calendar: https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omniplan/mac/3.9/en/collaboration-and-multi-project-review-pro/#publishing-and-subscribing-to-an-omniplan-project

This could save you time if you’re already tracking your team’s schedule in a calendar, or if the schedule repeats in a way that could be set up in the Apple Calendar application.


I’ve used it for several years for medium to large system implementation projects (from maybe 500 to a few thousand tasks). I’ve never had reliability problems, either on Mac or IOS.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d suggest raising a support ticket. You might also look at trying a test build to see whether something has changed that addresses your problems.