Overlapping Recurring Projects?

I have a recurring weekly project that takes more than a week to complete. I start the work on a Thursday (or earlier), and I finish it the following Friday, after I’ve already started the work for the next iteration.

Any suggestions on how to set this up? Some options I’m considering:

  • I only have 8 more iterations approved at the moment, so I could just create them manually with manual due/defer dates. If more iterations are approved, I can reconsider.

  • Write an automation script that pushes every date in the selected project forward a week. Dupe the original project, run the script on the dupe, repeat 8 times (or script that part too).

  • Artificially split the work into two projects so that the recurrences don’t overlap. Haven’t really mapped out how this would work, but it seems like it should be straightforward?

The issue with Recurring projects Is that the next one is only created in OF when the previous one is completed.

Option 4
Look at the Omnifocus - Taskpaper integration.

You can copy the project out of Omnifocus in taskpaper format and then copy it back in as you need to to create a new project.

Option 5
Depending on how far they overlap, create multiple recurring projects which recur a week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks apart so you always have a number on the go.

Ooh I think Option 5 is the one - thank you @Geoffairey !

Just remember that if you have (for example) 4 concurrent identical projects, then if you want to add a task or change a task in an enduring way you’ll need to do it in all 4 projects.

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