Overtime versus "straight time"

Hi, I am new to OmniPlan. I run a small process manufacturing facility. My labor resource frequently must use overtime in order to finish projects. I have placed a cost per hour number where I should but how do I maintain the overtime rate?


I have the same problem, did you figured out how to solve the overtime cost rate?

@vfigueroa OmniPlan doesn’t currently offer an overtime cost feature, although we do have an open feature request in our development database to implement this functionality in OmniPlan! For the time being, it is possible to work around around this limitation by setting up the same resource twice in OmniPlan - once at the standard cost rate, and once at the overtime rate. If you have questions about implementing this work around, or would like to let the team know that you’d find overtime cost functionality useful, please send our Support team an email (omniplan@omnigroup.com)!