Overwhelmed with OmniFocus

I’ve been off the wagon for a while and want to get back on with OmniFocus by starting over and beginning a new database. What do you recommend as the best way to do this? I have a laptop, iPhone and iPad and am using the Pro version on my computer.Any recommendations? Please advise.

I find the ease of being able to use a mouse and have a full screen to arrange things on a desktop machine an advantage. I suspect that way will give you a better overview of how everything fits together: almost all of OF’s features are available without scrolling.

If you’re the kind of thinker who likes to sling everything into your inbox and allot them all to projects later, you should unashamedly try that first.

If you’re top down, then set up your Projects first and put tasks into them as they occur to you.

Suggest watching the beginner videos first in either case though. Good luck!

If you “start over” I’d recommend also deleting any perspectives you’ve created, and start with a factory default OF install.

This will help you focus on getting an idea of what it is you need to get out of the application, and how you want that data presented to you. Since creating perspectives is very easy they’re quickly there if you need them.

For a process I’d just do a brain dump, and environment walkthrough and put all actions on post-its or index cards before you process them in OmniFocus. I find that going paper based for that helps me focus on the task, and not fiddle with interface/settings/views/fonts etc.

as a source of inspiration I always like the Learn Omnifocus website blog and videos


Thanks for the shout out, @Janov!

There’s some free content on Learn OmniFocus that may be helpful, including the Common OmniFocus Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them article that I wrote based on years supporting people in using OmniFocus effectively combined with my own experience.

Among other things, I’ve found it’s important to get clear on the role that OmniFocus serves and to clearly identify what belongs in OmniFocus and what’s best kept elsewhere.

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