Pages Missing on Exporting to PDF

I’m using OG7 for Mac.

When I try to export a document to PDF, many of the pages come out blanks.

It it tends to be pages with more objects on them - but not a ridiculous number (I’ve done much bigger in Visio and Axure).

Several of my coworkers are finding the same problem.

Anyone found a fix or workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please contact us with an example that reproduces the issue if possible? If you choose Contact Omni from the Help menu, you should be able to attach the open document, and also anonymize it (which replaces any text with the letter x). We’d be glad to help figure out what is happening here. It may help to know what settings you have selected if using File>Export to create the PDF.


I figured it out - the “print layer” buttons were set to “don’t print”.

There’s a usability issue there; the “off” state is very small, very subtle, and the same color gray as the “on” state. If your vision isn’t 20/20 (mine isn’t anymore), it’s VERY hard to discern.

Making the circle/slash icon a different stand out more (red? Bigger?) would help a lot.

I’m happy to hear you figured out the cause! If you export from the File menu, there is a checkbox to include non-printing layers that you can select. Thanks for the suggestions to make the non-printing layers more obvious.