[Partly Fixed] Bug: Cannot save web page as Source/PDF


When trying to save a web page with Command-S, OmniWeb now always saves in .webarchive format; a switch between Web Archive and Source is missing. This does not work if the page content is a PDF, which would have to be saved as “Source”.

(The Show in Preview and Download buttons in the HUD display overlay of a PDF, which would be an alternative for Command-S, still have no effect.)

[Fixed] Crash: Command-S crashes OW

Command-S fixed as of v632.0.61

(HUD Download still without effect)


Sadly, I haven’t figured out what that PDF HUD download button is trying to send. Maybe it’s just trying to hook into the normal download mechanism (since download handoffs aren’t working either)? Unfortunately, there isn’t any public API for WebKit download support at the moment. (WebKit bug filed at https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=158801; I’m watching that bug for updates.)