Password Manager

Hi all,

I have been very happy with the OF application. It has definitely made me feel on top of things. I am 100% better than I used to be, which does not mean that there is still no room for improvement.

One obstacle that highly impedes my productivity at the moment is the handling all passwords. I have a ton. I do have a list which is very useful when I work on my home computer, but when I am at work, it is a huge pain. It is a Text Edit file on my home mac, which looks very scrambled and disordered on my Dell at work; the same file on my iPhone through Google Docs is unsearchable and therefore useless).

So my question is: what kind of password manager application do you use on all your devices? Can you recommend something that you can use on a mac and on a PC. I’ve tried a couple of such applications, but I am not an IT person, and I cannot determine if I should put my trust in a password manager app. I am not looking to store credit card information or anything financial.

A few more related thoughts follow, but you’re not in the mood for more reading, you can stop here:
This obstacle of mine made me think about an older thread about working in contexts: knowledge workers need contexts centered on their mental state rather than on the physical surrounding because presumably they always have their emails, calendars, and other files at their disposal.

For me, that’s not the case: working at home at my home computer is a totally different experience from working in the office at my office computer. I have a Journler app which I totally love but is no longer supported, so I do not have access to it at work or on my iPhone. There’s Evernote to which I can switch, but I do not like Evernote in the way I love Journler. I have Google Drive but if I do not have wi-fi, I cannot use it; plus I can use it only in a limited way on my iPhone. I have been experimenting with a context called Office Computer but my efforts have not been very effective.

Thanks for reading.

Using a text file to store your passwords is not a good idea. My choice is for password management is 1Password - works on Macs, IOS devices and Windows. Very secure, synchronises passwords between all those devices via Dropbox.

I have heard good reports of Lastpass, but I’ve not used it, so I can’t recommend it.

The important thing here is to have a very good master password for whichever manager you choose.


Thanks, Nick, for the suggestions.

I tried 1Password this morning, but it is not compatible with my mac (10.7.5). 1Password needs 10.10. I saw that the upgrade to Yosemite is free, which is good, but I still use OF 1. If I upgrade to Yosemite, will I still be able to use OF 1?

Thanks again.

OmniFocus 1 runs quite well on OS X 10.10 Yosemite, with one caveat: the Clip-O-Tron is no longer able to grab full message text from Mail, due to a change in how the Mail app works in Yosemite. You can check out this thread for more details.

If you go to the 1Password website ( and head for the Downloads page, you’ll see you can download legacy versions of 1Password for Lion.

And you won’t regret going to 1Password. It’s very effective, very reliable, and for me, indispensable.


Tekl, I will probably update to Yosemite, but it will definitely miss the Clip-O-Tron version. I really like it.

Nick, I saw the older Legacy version, but I am not sure if that can that be synched with 1Password which I managed to install on my office computer and my iPhone. If you have an answer, please let me know.

Rogbar, I am still learning how to use it. I do not find it very intuitive possibly because I have not worked with another password manager, but I hope I will get used to it quickly.

You can sync the 2 different version of 1Password via Dropbox, but not via iCloud or WiFi. The data format is compatible, but (a) iCloud sync only works for apps bought via the Mac App Store (which only has the most current 1Password for Mac) and (b) there have been security changes to WiFi sync that make older versions incompatible with the current iOS version.

So - for this to sync the way you want, without the need for a Yosemite upgrade, you need:

  • 1Password 3x for Mac
  • A Windows version compatible with whatever version of Windows you have on your Dell
  • 1Password for iPhone
  • A Dropbox account
  • The 1Password browser extension for Mac and Windows

Thanks, Nick. I got all downloads! Now I need to get used to its idiosyncrasies.