Password protect (encrypt) OmniOutliner files

Okay, I know this has been discussed before but all the threads on it are a few years old now so I figured I’d see if there’s any other folks with the same use-case needs as mine and maybe spark some discussion.

Here’s the issue - I’d really love for OmniOutliner to support some sort of password-protection on the individual file level. I still find myself using Pages or (uck!) even Word just because I can encrypt/passwordprotect a document. There’s several use-cases for this - sending files to others where I don’t have to worry about it getting intercepted, letting the kids borrow the computer without them dig into stuff they shouldn’t, etc.

I’m well aware of external solutions to this - explicitly encrypting disk or .dmg file or PGP encryption on a zip file but those are all multi-step processes that tend to not get used because they’re extra effort. I really appreciate the ability to quickly open a document, type in a password and start working.

So #1 I guess I’m hoping others find this useful enough to ask Omnigroup to implement it directly in the app. #2 is more of a general question about whether others have come up with lightweight-as-possible workarounds for this. Is there an unzip tool that will not only decrypt/unzip but then open an enclosed file with the appropriate application? Some applescript that could accomplish this?

Ultimately if it’s too much work I know it won’t get used, but maybe someone’s got ideas.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that OmniOutliner files are actually zipped up when they’re saved anyway - sure seems like adding in standard gzip PGP encryption into the mix would be relatively easy to implement.


Feel the same way. I googled this, and this is the first thing I found. I was disappointed not to see a solution come up immediately. I’ll continue googling…

See Ken Case’s January 21 blog post:

“We’ll be working to make your documents and data more secure by adding support for encrypting your Omni documents, so even if someone else gets their hands on a sensitive document they won’t be able to read it unless they also have its password. And we’d like for you to be able to encrypt all the documents and data you’re storing on our Omni Sync Server so that any access to that data requires your authorization—as a technical limitation, not just a matter of policy and trust.”


Here here. just want to add to the initial post above, as I have done the same thing… exporting my omnioutliner file in a format to be opened by Pages so I can have it password protected. I have done this on a number of occasions.

If it is not considered an industry standard requirement, such a requirement for Omnigroup products should be a differentiable function that further distinguishes it from others. The implementation of password protected files should not be considered a feature, but a functional requirement for any software that is used to organize information that may be deemed sensitive or contain personal information. I hope this functionality is implemented soon.

Yeah, for what it’s worth I no longer use OmniOutliner at all, primarily due to this limitation. Instead I’m stuck on Pages '09 for my outlining needs (since the new version of Pages doesn’t support it either).

Is it even worth a dime? I’ve stopped using OmniOutliner 1 year ago especially for its limitations and lack of advanced options.