Past Due ( = missed, overdue) Custom Perspective, possible?

Is it possible to create a custom Perspective to show items which have been missed and whose due date is in the past, please?


I would filter on tasks “Due and Unflagged”, and include all Remaining (in case some were missed because they aren’t Available).

That should do it!


Thanks, ScottyJ; I tried that but it’s showing others due tomorrow. Am I missing something?

Ah that’s right - Due soon is in the scope of Due.

I would sort or group by Due to take care of that - the sorting is oldest to newest, so it will bring the important stuff to the top.

If you wanted to be super granular about it, too, you could look at Due/Available (instead of remaining), and then defer the Due Soon stuff that you aren’t going to work.

Hope that helps!


Thanks again, Scotty! Of course it helps :-)

However, neither Sorting not Grouping by Due Date suppresses items Deferred and Due Tomorrow!


If you want to suppress Due Soon, you’d have to filter for Available tasks (as opposed to Remaining).

The catch, though, is that if you have blocked Due things, they won’t show up in this perspective since they aren’t available.

I have put in a request with Omni Support for the ability to differentiate Due and Due Soon in filters, so feel free to email in and +1 it :)


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Thanks, Scotty - is the attached the closest I can get then, would you say, please: it still shows Today :-)

Your help appreciated!

Have tried a variety of combinations of Custom Perspective settings to get only items which are both Available and whose Due date is in the past.

Maybe this is something that just can’t be done?

Can anyone think of a workaround, please?


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Why not just use the Forecast perspective. “Past” right at the top does the job, or am I missing something?

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Thanks, Philipp!

Yes, I think that would work - if its filter criteria are exactly that, Past Due regardless of anything else.

Is there a definition anywhere of what ‘Past’ is designed to show?

The advantage of a Custom Perspective is a little more granularity, of course.

But ‘Past’ is certainly a good alternative. Appreciated ;_)

I think it is designed to show all past due items. Perhaps the Omni Team could help?

Forecast really helps toward past due items. Just my 2 cents.