Paste a list into separate items?


If I copy a list from a document and Ctrl-V it into OmniOutliner 5.4.2, the entire list shows up as one item in the outline. Is there a way to paste the list so that each item in the list becomes a separate item in OO?

If there isn’t, oh boy would I like to recommend that as an option.


If you paste multiple paragraphs into an active row, it will all be inserted into that row. This is what you’re seeing. What you want to do is paste the content as new rows which will split each paragraph into a new row. To do this, you need to not be editing a row. There are multiple ways to end editing to do this. The easiest ones are probably to either click on a row handle (the bullet or triangle) or push cmd-return which is a toggle for editing.


Thanks, Derek. You just made my life better.


Or select at least two rows than paste :)