Paste from Excel

I’ve just upgraded from OGv6 to v7Pro. I’ve created a text box into my document, and pasted a few rows/ columns from Excel into it. It works great, except that I can’t seem to adjust the line weight of the “cell” borders. Is there a way to do that? I’d like to make the line weights thinner and maybe a touch of grey.


If you intend to print or need to edit the content, avoid copy/paste where possible from MS Office products, especially if you want to change the lines or make edits afterward. When copying from Excel (or any other Office application), a low resolution static image is used rather than live lines with editable text. The options that you have when an image is pasted in to OmniGraffle can be accessed in the Object Inspector under the Image heading. If you select just the text in a cell itself (and no borders or line), you will get live text when you paste in to OmniGraffle. In this way, Copy/Paste might still be useful for editing, but you would have to select from each cell individually to avoid getting a static image.

Export to any text format from Excel will give you functional text that you can then paste into shapes created in OmniGraffle so that everything remains editable. Sorry for the bad news about the underlying truth of copy/paste. It does look “almost right” on screen in most cases. A search for “losing resolution pasting from office” reveals a longstanding history of pain in this area.