Paste now broken in iOS 11.3.x [A: iOS bug, workaround fix in OO v3.1.1 (now available) and iOS 12 beta]

So I thought I was good on this bug. It was a pretty big relief to have that behind me. And then yesterday I couldn’t copy or paste into my file on iOS. Bad news. What’s happening here? Is the bug still present or just something specific to me?

There were multiple paste bugs when this thread was created. We fixed those that we could reproduce. There appears to still be one case that is happening to people sporadically. If you quit and relaunch the app, it should get pasting working again.

So for most daily use copy paste now works. But maybe every other day I’m quitting and reopening in order to get paste working again. It’s been almost 6 months. How’s it looking?

I also still struggle with the copy / paste problem. I have to force quit / reopen OO several times a day. I‘m using long files with lots of text and lots of formatting though and you have to use OO continuously at least one hour for the problem to appear.
But then it‘s really annoying: no paste (copy still works though), imperfect display of formatting and unable to open OO files from iCloud. All of that is solved by killing and reopening the OO app - for an hour. Sadly the Omni staff has not been able to reproduce the problem. Still I‘m seeing it so often…