Paste now broken in iOS 11.3.x [A: iOS bug, workaround fix in OO v3.1.1 (now available) and iOS 12 beta]

Not a single browser I copy a paragraph out of can anymore be pasted or plain pasted into any of my existing or new OO3 outlines. I must first paste it into Pages and copy it back out. If I paste it directly in by holding down until a popup menu lets me paste below then it pastes in in huge font size (17 instead of standard 13) and cannot have its custom style removed either. Same thing with iOS 11.3.1. I can paste into the single input search header of filters and copy back out but I lose linefeeds between paragraphs. Images paste in fine. This app has now has both search and paste broken. Search won’t scroll down any more to singly selected hits, as I posted earlier. All the API scripting bloat has come at the direct expense of basic functionality at great hourly cost to my career productivity.

The following paragraph copied from Apple’s home page in Safari, cannot be pasted into a new or existing OO3 row:

A portion of the proceeds from every (PRODUCT)RED™ purchase will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

The result of “paste under” via popup menu includes a gray background, while the Clear custom styles button is grayed out:

Row 5 is blank after attempting to paste into it.

Today I finally backed up and reinstalled OO3 on iPhone. Without even copying my files back to the OO directory, again, same thing, no text copied from any iPhone browser among six tested will paste into OO. Since the OO app was working in this 3.1 version of OO, clearly this is a conflict with iOS 11.3.x since that’s all that changed. Some hard wired clipboard code is not working after Apple likely added new metadata to it. It’s now two iOS updates without a fix from Omni. Shame on your dev team for ruining professional lives. I have years of crucial notes now hardly working since nice search is gone and paste won’t even work! This is disgusting. A fresh install proves it has nothing to do with my bloated files, even, which by the way require extensive tweaking to split long entries into pieces or the program crashes during edit attempts.

The most expensive app any of us own!

Pasting text copied from Safari is broken for me, too.

Both on my iPhone X and iPad Air 2, both running OmniOutliner/iOS 3.1 and iOS 11.3.1 text copied from Safari doesn’t get pasted in OmniOutliner, both when using “Paste” and “Paste as Plaintext”.

However, when I first paste the text copied from Safari in Drafts and copy it from there, pasting in OmniOutliner works fine.

This is due to a pasteboard bug introduced in iOS 11.3, where some of Apple’s pasteboard APIs for rich text can’t read what they’ve written to the pasteboard. (For the curious: they’re claiming to write RTFD, but they’re actually writing a zip file instead.) We’ve filed a radar and have worked around this bug in a few places, but as we find more places we have to work around it in each of those as well. (The workaround involves switching to a very different set of API that doesn’t have this bug.)

This affects many apps which support copy/paste of rich text; it’s not limited to OmniOutliner. (And yes, it’s frustrating that it wasn’t fixed as part of iOS 11.3.1!)

Thanks for explaining the issue. It’s sad to see Apple somewhat neglecting iOS, too…

Same bug on iPad Pro 12,9. This is the most expensive app I own, and I am not noticing the bug in any other RTF import app (Scrivener, Evernote, Ulysses, iDoceo, …), it’s only in OmniOutliner 3 as far as I can tell. Extremely frustrating for my professional life.
My workaround: Split-Screen works at least to copy and past text in some way by dragging it over. You get the text over into or out of Omni, BUT for some reason you won’t be able to change the format.

My workaround is to send the text to Draft’

Even more frustrating to see that this isn’t fixed by iOS 11.4 neither…

We have an OmniOutliner 3.1.1 build in TestFlight which should fix this issue. If you’d like to get your hands on this fix sooner rather than later (and help us make sure we’ve caught all the right edge cases), please sign up for the TestFlight. Thank you!

You guys using OmniOutliner 3.1.1 are quite lucky! This is also a bug that affects Omnifocus 2 for iOS but now since they released Omnifocus 3, according to Omnifocus support, there will be no more further updates for Omnifocus 2, so there you go: upgrade to Omnifocus 3, which is free of this bug, or deal with it staying with Omnifocus 2. This answer made me quite angry and frustrated: I should´ve stayed away from any update of Omnigocus 2: it was working so smooth and stable. All of this for that drag and drop support.

Here is the message that deals with the exact same bug that is affecting OmniOutliner:

"Sorry for the issue you are experiencing with OmniFocus crashing when pasting from the Mail app. This is a known issue that is caused by a pasteboard bug introduced in iOS 11.3. Unfortunately, as we’ve just released OmniFocus 3 for iOS, it is unlikely there will be any further updates for OmniFocus 2 to addresses this bug or other bugs such as the status issue you’ve also mentioned.

We certainly don’t want these bugs to be the reason for you to consider upgrading to OmniFocus 3, but if that is something you do consider, the good news is both of these issues have been addressed in the new app."

It really makes me as sad and frustrated as NikFromNYC.

Best Regards

I use OmniOutliner on a daily basis and this bug is really annoing. There are several other bugs in copy & paste I already adressed to the support and I have to kill the app several times a day to get copy & paste work again for some time. For me it seems OmniOutliner is having a memory issue.
When is 3.1.1 coming out adressing those problems? I‘m becoming impatient.

No news on Omni Ountliner 3.1.1 ?

Get yourself into the beta test list. In iPhone its the TestFlight app with OO 3.1.1 being updated every couple of weeks.

3.1.1 is available on the App Store now!

That’s good news!

Unfortunately 3.1.1. does not fix the problem. After some time copy & paste gives in OmniOutliner something like this:

  • file:///var/mobile/Library/Caches/

Pasting in other apps works as expected. I can only work around this by killing and restarting the Omni Outliner.

This is one issue we’ve never been able to reproduce. One thought is it might happen under constrained memory situations. What type of iOS device are you using and with what iOS version? Does copying anything result in this once it starts happening? Or is it only certain content? Also, would you consider the OmniOutliner document you have open to be large?

That‘s what I assume too. There is some kind of memory leak. I‘m also not able to track the problem down to certain actions. Instead I think it happens after some time. I work a lot with Omni Outliner and I experience the behaviour about 1-3 times a day.
I work on an iPad Pro with iOS 11.4.1.
Once it starts happening it doesn‘t matter what I copy & paste. It also doesn‘t matter if I copy & paste within OO or from outside.
Yes, my Outlines are mostly long and I use a lot of formatting. I can mail a file if it helps.

Yes, that’d be great. Thanks!

Thanks Derek for looking into this. I mailed the file to the given address.

Got the file, thanks!