Pasting a project Deep in folders:

I was trying to paste a project in a deep doldrums Hirarchy using Taskpaper template through Drafts 4."
Is the url scheme Iam using the correct one?
" omnifocus://x-callback-url/paste?target=/project=pretest%20%20:%20test%20:%20%20post%20:%20test%20calibratin%20result%20to%20research&content=[[draft]]"



If you have a Draft with this content:


  • Task 1
  • Task 2

And you want to paste it in a folder named: Folder A, the url syntax is:


Typo Edit : “doldrums” may be please read as" Folders"

Thanks for the reply,
But, Iam looking to paste similar draft into a deep folders…
Ex: FolderA -> FolderB -> FolderB: Project.

You’re welcome.

If you need to paste draft content into the first “FolderB” folder, this is the url syntax:


If you need to paste draft content into the second “FolderB” folder, then you need folder id. In the Mac version, you select the folder and then Edit > Copy as Link.
Eg.: Folder id is m4_YaUaMTLg
Url syntax is as follows:


P.S.: I think it’s not possible to get folder id in iOS, but I may be wrong.

Thankyou for clarification,
As you mentioned, Iam trying this out in Ios and there’s no work around I guess!

Iam getting some I’d when I share a project to drafts app, I think it’s a project ID. And as you mentioned, Iam unable to share the Folder using ios sharesheet provided in OF.

Would love this feature using url… I think there’s a editorial workflow named.“Targeted Omnifocus Projects” for this… By @JoeBuhlig I guess.

You’re welcome.

I think you are right. Currently, there is no way to do that.

Maybe you are talking about this workflow.

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