Pasting items from OO 4.6.1 doesn't work

I copied six items (with multiple levels of items collapsed beneath them) from an OO 4.6.1 outline and pasted them into an OO 5.0 outline. Instead of appearing as six individual items with more levels indented beneath them, I got the six top level items as one item. It’s like an image of the top levels, but with no indented levels beneath them.

Further info: if I open Outline A in OO 4, and Outline B in OO 5, I am unable to copy items from Outline 4 and paste them into Outline B as separate items. They just show up as lines in one item.

But if I open Outline A in OO5, it works fine.

Is there some way to fix this? It’s limiting my ability to use and test OO5.

This is a bug we need to fix still. However, there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t open all your documents in OO5 instead of transferring data between the two versions.

I’ve been copying and pasting because I don’t want to fully trust a beta with my data.

How about duplicating the document in Finder and then opening the duplicate?

Or what I’m doing: Open a document and doing a “save as” in the new OO5 format, so you can test the main new feature which is filtering (not available for .oo3 documents).