Pasting Text and Adding Rows

I’m sorry if this question has and obvious/easy answer but:

I am unable to create new rows when I paste a chunk of text from a text editor into in Outliner. If I paste text into a new blank document the text appears as a single row or section. Once I go into that row, can I not split this text into new rows? As far as I can tell, when I try to split the pasted text into rows, a new row is created below the pasted text but the text does not go with it.

I hope this question is worded correctly. Thanks for the help.


If I understand your question, you can split a row by pressing Control-Return.

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That did work. I tried this earlier, but apparently I had another application running that was overriding the control-return key combination system wide. Quit that application, and now everything is fine. Thanks.

“paste as multiple rows” would be a great feature

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I agree @junk. One of my weekly workflows involves copying a list from a webpage and putting it into an outline. I then cut and paste each line to a seperate row (I could do ‘Ctrl-Enter’ but I also need to remove a small amount of text). ‘Paste each line as a seperate row’ would be a command I’d love to have (or maybe something that could be done through a script??).

Try the “Useful Scripts” bundle:

One of the scripts is called “Create New Outline From Clipboard”. I believe it will do what you’re looking for.

(Note: not all the scripts in that bundle still work right under OO5, but I’m using this one under OO5, and it seems to work fine.)

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Hi Hanzo, if you click on a row first then paste the text is that what you want? If the cursor is actually in the cell then you get only a single row with the entire clipboard pasted in it, but should get multiple rows if you select a row before pasting.


Hi GrantSt,

I just signed up to the forums only to thank you for this answer 🙌.
It just saved me so much time and makes OO so much nicer to use.

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You’re very welcome.