Pasting text from OmniFocus note to OmniOutliner

Usually, when I want to pass text from somewhere to OmniOutliner, I just copy it (cmd-C) and paste it (cmd-V) and the original formatting is not retained, which is what I want. I want the formatting of the OO template I’m using. I know that I can paste with the original style if necessary, but it rarely is, for me anyway. This works with my usual apps.

However, when I want to transfer text from an OmniFocus note to OmniOutliner, pasting with cmd-V keeps the original formatting, exactly as if I had used the “paste with the original style” command. To get the formatting of the template I’m using I have to either first paste the text into another app that doesn’t retain formatting, in my case BBEdit, use “Clear style”, or remove the style using the inspector. What I want is for the text from the note to be pasted without retaining any of the styles from OF.

I’m using OF 2.12.2 Pro and OO 5.3 Pro.

Is there a reason for this behavior? Can it be changed?

P.S. I didn’t know whether to post this question in the OF or the OO forums…

Ah, this is not intentional but a result of both apps sharing frameworks. Copying text out of an OmniFocus note puts the same styled text representation on the pasteboard that copying text out of a row in OmniOutliner does. Since we want to preserve text styles when copying/cutting and pasting text within OmniOutliner documents, the styles from the OmniFocus note is preserved as well. I’ve filed a bug on this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any faster work arounds for you.

Thanks. At least I know it isn’t something I’m doing wrong or that I missed.