Pasting That Doesn't Flatten Hierarchy?!

To move a whole series of nested notes without access to the Macintosh program, just using my iPhone? I can only paste as flattened single big multiline text after I copy many lines of multi-indented entries of a large outline. And I want to do this between two documents, or at least merge the two without losing structure and independent entries. I don’t want to even paste into an existing single line text entry box, obviously, but access paste between lines. Even the move feature within a document that lets you paste after a given line flattens indents, maddeningly. This is a pretty basic feature that is missing. I’ll have to manually copy and paste as text one line at a time, using the iPhone clipboard, for now, restoring indents as I go.

Hey @NikFromNYC, it sounds like you may be pasting your content while you are editing the row. In order to paste multiple lines and keep their hierarchy, you will need to tap and hold on a row. You’ll be presented with some options, one of which is Paste. After you select Paste, you will then see three more options: Above, Below or Inside. This will paste into the document and keep the structure.

A rule of thumb to determine whether or not you are in editing mode: if you see the keyboard on screen, you’re in editing mode! Does that help?