Pattern fill no longer available?

I see a lot of discussion about pattern fill on various interwebs but it doesn’t seem to exist in the app anymore - was this a feature that got snipped? Is there a way to do a stripped fill on a shape in Omnigraffle?

Does anyone have an answer? I want to have a shape with vertical lines for a fill. I’m trying to make my figure accessible to people with color blindness. Is there any way to do this? (I’m running OG 7 on OSX)

From the Format Menu, choose Colors, then click the Pattern Tab which is furthest to the right. There you can control the foreground and background pattern.

You can also choose Other… for color in the dropdown under Solid Fill in the Fill inspector to get to the same area.

This ability to set a pattern is provided by macOS. I’m still seeing it in the High Sierra beta as well as Sierra. As far as I know, we should continue to have the ability to set a pattern from the Mac color palette.