Patterns for shape fill

Am I missing something about how to fill a shape with a pattern? I saw some old forum posts about it being a palette in the MacOS color picker, but I don’t have it. I’m on 10.13.3 and OG 7.7.1.

Bonus if someone can show me how to get the classic Mac OS patterns :)

I’m using 6.6 but I can’t imagine it would be too different. If you edit a fill on a shape, and pull up ‘Other…’, it should open the Colors palette. The rightmost of the palettes, (beside Pencils) should be ‘Pattern Palette’.

Hmm. Ok. I don’t have that?


Can’t explain that :)

What ‘fill type’ do you have selected? This chapter in the manual goes over what you ought to see:

Solid fill…

From looking at the documents, that should be fine. You might want to toss an email to support.

I had a missing Pattern Palette also. After banging my head on this for a while, I asked support. It turns out this is a Pro only feature (I have Standard).