PDF attachment from Mac to iOS?

I have an OF2 file that I sync between my Mac and my iPhone. In one action I placed a PDF in the Notes field. When I sync to my iPhone, that attachment is not there. Am I doing something wrong, or does the iOS version of OF not read PDFs placed in the Notes field?

I also noticed it won’t read a .txt doc, but it will read an image file, such as a .jpg.

Is there a list of files that WILL sync and read in Notes?

Sorry for the trouble, @rogbar! The attachment won’t show up in the note field, but it should be synced over and appear in the Attachments tab when viewing the action. Do you see anything like in the attached screenshot from my database?

Hi Brian. Thanks for that - I just discovered what I was doing wrong. I was dragging the attachment into the Notes field. I now see I need to use the “Attach File” command. Now it works. So - of course - I have new questions:

  1. Am I correct that any file type that can be read in iOS can be read in OF for iPhone? Or is there a list of what OF can or cannot read as attachments?

  2. Is there a way to attach a file through dragging and dropping?

  3. I attached a pdf to an item, and on my Mac when open up the note, I see the PDF displayed - not as an icon, but as an open file. Same with a jpeg. But when I attach a .txt file and open the Notes field, I see only the .txt file’s icon. I have to click on it to open the file in a separate window.

Now … when I open these actions on my iPad (using OF for iPhone 2), and click on attachments, the jpeg is displayed, but the pdf and txt files show as icons that have to be clicked to open. Is there some inconsistency here, or am I missing the logic of how they behave?

Thanks much.

  1. My understanding is that OS X can read a superset of the file types that iOS can, so I believe the answer is yes. I’m not aware of a list, though.

  2. On the Mac? Yes - check out the “Adding Attachments” section here for the skinny.

  3. If I remember correctly, it has to do with the pixel dimensions of the image; below a certain size, it’ll show the thumbnail. Above that size, you’ll get the icon.

Hope that helps!