Performance regression in 7.16?

Dragging / nudging even fairly small numbers of objects seems much slower in 7.16 than it did a few versions back. For instance, in this document (Dropbox link since I don’t have attach permissions), when I select the objects in blue at the bottom part of the graph and nudge them with the keyboard, each nudge takes about three seconds to display any visual feedback. The slowness seems to be independent of the zoom level.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an older version to compare, and I don’t use Omnigraffle that regularly, so I can’t say for sure how long it’s been like this, but this seems really high when we’re only talking about forty or so fairly simple objects, on a 21" Retina iMac, 2017 model, with a 3.6GHz i7 and 32GB RAM.

Hmm… I haven’t seen it behave any slower (aside from another issue I’m working with tech support on).

You can get older versions of OG from the downloads page ( Kind of limited on which they are posting. I think 7.11.5 was okay but I stuck with 7.10.2 for a long time (still have it on my system…just in case).

They did a lot of work with placed images from 7.12 - 7.15

I just tried opening the same doc in 7.16 on a 2018 13" Retina MacBook (2.7 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM) and it doesn’t exhibit the same problem. Very weird.

I have noticed, after a bit of time, the performance slows and resource usage grows. Working with Omni tech to track down source.