Permanent link for repeating project?

I have been playing with internal links. It’s not a feature I have used much, but I’m seeing if it can help with my regular workflows.

I have made a meta-project that links to other projects, perspectives and checklists, as a way to guide my daily workflow. For those that have read Kourosh Dini or Joe Buhlig, it is similar to methods they use.

In this setup, I have a few repeating projects / checklists to which I would like to link on an ongoing basis. However, once the repeating project is completed, and a new one generated, the original project and the new version each have unique links. I see the value in this, but not for my current purposes. :-/

My question is - is there a way to get a “permanent” or “static” link to the current / active iteration of a repeating project?

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how about creating a project and then create an action group inside and have this action group inside the project repeat?

Your link will be to the project itself but the only thing that repeats is the Action Group.

The repeating action group will have the repeat settings. In my screenshot, I have it set to defer to the next day after completion. I also have the repeating action group’s setting “Complete when completing next action” checked on.


What a great idea and solution. Will try this. Thanks!