Persistence of due notifications, like Apple Reminders

I only have OF v2 on my Mac (it’s old v 2.5.3) and it hasn’t been used in a long time. I don’t have the OF iOS app.
Well I’ve haven’t used it because I don’t get constantly reminded of my due/past due tasks. I need that.

Well after a few months of not using anything to mark down todos, I turned to the Apple Reminders app (on my Mac & iPhone) to put down to-do’s, and I have noticed … I’m getting due dated tasks done because one thing, persistent reminders.

With Apple Reminders, when a reminder hits it’s due date:

-it appears and remains on my iPhone locked screen (until it’s done) staring me in the face. I love this.

-on my Mac, the notification swoops in at the upper right of my screen and will not only go way until I defer it to the sensible time frames I’m offered: completed, 5 min, 1 hour, tomorrow, or ignore.

Well, ignore would be bad so I don’t select that, but I chose the right timeframe, and I get caught in a routine of proactively deferring my reminders until in relatively short time … the task gets done!

For me, that works.

Well, does OF 2 and OF iOS treat notifications of due to-dos the same way on the Mac & iOS? If so, I’d go back to using OF in a heart beat as I do love and miss having projects and nesting to-dos in projects.

As it stands I’ve get dozens of due todos in OF, and they are sad reminders of what I haven’t done and they don’t rear themselves in my Mac OS. The only thing shown to me is their quantity, shown as a number on the OF dock icon.

Any advice appreciated.



It was talked about in the Omnigroup 2017 road map blog post here:

Look at the paragraph under OmniFocus in 2017


We’re nearly at the end of 2017 and I’ve not seen progress. How’s that coming? It is my single biggest impediment and a major reason why OF fails me.

Delayed to 1Q18 - @kcase posted a day or so ago

Ken Case’s update on the 2017 roadmap

Hi all - any updates to this feature added to OF?

The 2018 Roadmap talks about this

I just wanted to jump in and note that the behaviors described in the initial post (persistence) are not available to third-party apps. Repeating notifications in OmniFocus will have to be implemented via firing off another notification, and we’ll let you choose the interval it which the notifications get fired off.

Hi. Just wondering if the repeating notifications (roadmap 2018 says it has been added to OF 3) made it in yet? If so, can anyone tell me how to use it? I can’t find it. I get as far as “custom notification” but I don’t see any way to make it a repeating or persistent notification. Thanks in advance.

It looks like the priorities right now are on OF3 for the web and OF3 for the Mac. Hoping for nagging notifications myself. For now, I get by with the Due app.

I reckon that nagging would come in version 3.1. Or we might get surprised and see OmniJS and nagging when the Mac version gets released.


Question for @dave. In iOS, there is now an option in notifications for persistentance… it doesn’t currently seem to change the behavior for OmniFocus though? Is this a new feature of iOS that you have to code for? It doesn’t make sense that it isn’t available for third party apps, if they give you the option to set it?
I also find myself using the reminders app for small daily tasks, but it would be nice if I could just keep all those in OmniFocus.

The persistence setting that is new in iOS 11 is about whether a banner that gets displayed while you phone is unlocked sticks to the top of the screen until you swipe it up or click it (or disappears after a few seconds automatically like they used to).

This thread here is about notifications being persistent until you actually check off the task. We dream of a situation similar to what Apple offers for their Reminders app, where the notification stays in places like the lockscreen until the task is checked off, so it remains in your view until it’s done with.