Personal vs. Computer license?

I bought my upgrade from the Omni store, and when entering the licence info in OF2 it asks if it’s a “Personal” or “Computer” license. I haven’t seen this terminology anywhere else, what’s the difference?

From the “Managing Your Omni Licenses” section of the help:

  • Personal: This license is for your personal use, and will only be available on this computer when you are logged in as the user who installed the license. You can install this license on more than one computer, but only for your personal use. You should not use the software on two different computers at the same time with this kind of license. If a personal license is available, the application will always use it.

  • Computer: You can use this license on this computer, and so can any other user of this computer. However, you should not install this license on more computers than it has license seats for.

You can choose whether you want to use your license as a Personal or a Computer license.

A couple examples: “Computer” works better for, say, a computer lab with the app installed on each machine, and multiple people using the app on those computers throughout the day. “Personal” would work better for an individual who wants to run the app on their personal laptop and their work computer.

Does that help?


That’s perfect, thanks.

I actually searched for “license” in the help menu and it didn’t turn up, but I think that’s because of the way the help menu works, (even though I came over from Windows-land seven years ago, I’ve never really bothered to figure out how help works on OSX).

You did everything right; we have an outstanding to-do to integrate our documentation with the Help menu search.

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i purchased the license and it didn’t give me the option to change the license type. It’s just greyed out.

Plus, from my impression, if I’m a single user who has multiple computers it doesn’t really matter which license i choose. I would be able to use them on multiple computers. Is that right?