Personal vs work

Hi All! I’ve been an avid OF user since the beta, and I’ve just been issued a company computer. I’ve installed OF2 on it and it syncs perfectly with OF for iPhone using Omni sync server. I know that our IT team has full access to my computer at all times and backs it up regularly, but I don’t necessarily want them to have access to my personal projects in OF. Any suggested workarounds. Is my databased backed up locally if I’m using Omni sync server? Thanks!

Anyone who has access to your company computer will also have access to your whole OF database. I don’t think there is any way around this.

No matter what synching method you use, OmniFocus always makes local backups as well. You can see the backup files using File → Show Backups…


My solution to this issue is to use two different and entirely separate OF sync accounts:

Work: two computers
Home: one computer and an iPhone

If I’m at work and I have something to add to my personal task list, I use OF2 on my iPhone. When I’m at home and I have something to add to my work task list, I put it on my home system with a “work” context and then move those via email (this happens less often than I thought it would, so it works out pretty well).

I have had similar thoughts about this, and my solution was nothing on work computer at all, OF on home computer and iPhone and iPad, and worked from phone or iPad lists during the work day, with MailDrop playing the supporting role to add things from work.

I don’t know if that’s all that helpful, but it was my strategy.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I think I’m going to just accept that somebody in IT will know when my dental appointments are… It would be great to see a selective sync feature implemented in OF so I could have everything on my phone, but only work projects syncing to my company computer. Does anyone know the best way to request features of Omnigroup?

You could also try Spootnik to sync which for $3 a month provides a WebDAV sync service (which has been flawless) and a simple web interface. That way my database is backed up to my home computer and I can work from either my iPad, iPhone or the Spootnik interface when at work. I don’t have the luxury of a Mac at work (it’s all Windoze) so it gets round that issue too. Cheers