Perspective app badge counters on Mac

Hi, on my iPhone and iPad I get numbers in some of the Perspectives, I can see how many items in my Inbox, Flagged and waiting for Review.

Can I do the same on my Mac? I’ve looked but cannot seem to find the option.

Thank you for your help

I think not.
The only option the mac version has is to give some (default) perspectives a colored left border to notify you there are items in it. Not a number.
This works for the inbox, flagged, forecast and review views, but is configurable in Preferences > Notifications > Highlight perspectives

What Vloris said is correct—no count is listed, but when there are items in these perspectives they’ll have a color bar at the left edge of their sidebar icon. Here’s a couple screenshots to help illustrate what this and the preferences for it look like:

If you would really like to see OmniFocus for Mac list the count for these perspective in the sidebar, I highly recommend emailing us with your thoughts. This helps us accurately track and record all the suggestions and requests we get in our development database. Thanks!

Strange as it may seem I’ve just googled ‘Omnifocus review counter’ and found this post, it was not until I read it that I realised it was my own post from Aug 15 :-)

So two years on has this changed, can I get counters on the icon? I know there are coloured flags that appear but I just do not notice them, perhaps it is because I’m colour blind, I’ve considered a custom colour style, does anyone know if this ‘flag’ colour is configurable using a custom style?

Thank you for your help.