Perspective filter and sort needs to have more features/options

I’m using OF4 on Mac and iOS.
I want a custom perspective that shows tasks completed more than 4 weeks ago shown within the folder and project grouping/ordering. Not possible, right?
The purpose of such a perspective is to find and delete tasks that I don’t need any record of completing.
(a) the perspectives had a filter for “completed more than X days/weeks/months ago”
(b) the inspector had an option for “delete X days/weeks/months after completion”
then I’d be all set.

Any other way to do this?

There was talk about this in the slack channels. OF4 will keep the same custom perspective features in the initial 4.0 release to maintain compatibility with users who are still using OF3 on some of their other devices.

An OF 4.x future release will probably ask you to upgrade your OF database to house the new features and break comparability with OF3.

Can’t wait to see this coming soon….

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