Perspective for 'soon' everything

Hello, I would like to make a perspective collecting either tasks or projects having the ‘soon’ tag.
I tried making a rule like this:

Availability: Available
| None:
|| Is not a project or a group
| Tagged with any of: ‘soon’

Including ‘soon’ projects means including all their tasks, even if not tagged. Is it possible?


If I create a perspective like this:

  • tagged with any “soon”
  • availability: available (or whatever you want)

It shows me actions and projects tagged “soon”, but nothing else.
Is that what you mean?

Or do you want the other actions not tagged “soon” to appear in the projects that are tagged “soon”.

Thanks Janov, but as I can see if I use your two query filters I get just the tasks, not the projects…

That’s surprising, I just tested it again and it shows projects for me.

The project in “projects view”

The project in the perspective only showing the tag “werk” is used for this one:

You can also fiddle with the grouping / sorting options a bit to get the visibility you like best.

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