Perspective Formatting in OmniFocus 2


I can’t seem to figure out how to save the perspective views I like. In OmniFocus 1 you could drag the column to the right to ensure you’re seeing the full project text and save the perspective to ensure that the formatting and view stay exactly that way. I don’t see how you do this in OmniFocus 2. I’ve gotten close but not quite there.

For example, I want to create a Project list perspective that allows me to drag the column over the right enough to see the full text of my project list. In addition I would like them all collapsed into their respective folders. When I add the perspective however and click out to a different view, when I return to my new perspective all the folders are expanded and the formatting has reduced back.

Is there a way to setup perspective formatting like Omnifocus 1 in the new Omnifocus 2?


I’m afraid not. :(

Really? It was just eliminated? Or is it a bug?

If you expand and collapse your folders the way you want them in a custom perspective (Pro only), you should be able to open View Options (Shift-Command-V) and press the “Save” button at the top to make that the default expansion to be used when you reset that perspective.

If you’d like custom perspectives to be able to save and restore the sidebar width also (so you can see the full text of your project names without having to make the sidebar wider each time), please let us know by sending email to

Thanks, and I hope this helps!

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a) that was hard to find compared to the version 1 interface of editing and updating perspectives.
b) about the only thing that I see that reserve is the default expansion

I would like the following items to be saved with the perspective (like OmniFocus 1):
the current hide/show status of:
-----a) toolbar
-----b) sidebar
-----c) inspector
as well as the width of each pane

Beyond that, what would be REALLY slick is the ability to create a perspectives group that I could open with a single keyboard command, that would open multiple perspectives, and remember where each window was placed on the screen.

My reasoning:
I have a multiple display Mac, and I would like to maintain several key projects opened in their own window in skinny little lists on my second monitor. Kind of a state of the union project dashboard, if you will.


This approach does not seem to work with the default Projects view (the Save key is greyed out and cannot be selected). Is this a permissions issue on my implementation or is this a feature (since Projects is a default perspective)? I of course can make may own custom Projects perspective which does work as described by case.