Perspective icons are loosing color


I have made a set of custom icons for my perspectives. These are 64x64 transparent monochrome PNG icons. Each are around 2KB. I really like them but after a few minutes (maybe when it is synced) they start to loose their original colors. Colors become bland, shiny orange turns to an ugly yellow…

Probably the icons are being “optimized” by Omnifocus. Is there a way to prevent this? I have tried to make 32x32 icons but the problem persists.

Bizarre. Maybe try using a web safe palette?

I have taken the icon
Then exported it in PNG 64x64 with the color #F27500 set. After I relaunch Omnifocus 2, the orange color is changed to yellow.

Curiously, if I take an already colored icon such as this one there is no problems and the colors remain untouched.

Anyway, I have “fixed” the issue using already colored icons I liked.

Sounds like it might be this issue. If so, running the icon through ImageOptim is a relatively easy solution.

Does it happen on the mac as well (seems to do so for me)

Actually I have only used it on mac (fully updated). I don’t know about IOS.

Yeah, the PNG gamma issue affects both Mac and iOS.