Perspective Name in Title Bar?

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I used this functionality quite frequently in OF1, so I may just be missing something, but for Perspectives opening in their own window, I will often hide the sidebar and toolbar. In OF1, the name of the perspective was in the Window titlebar, but in OF2, the titlebar just says “OmniFocus”.

This makes it difficult to quickly glance at what perspective I’m currently in. Part of my daily review, I have perspectives for Communications, Waiting For, etc, all have their sidebars and toolbars hidden to focus my attention on what’s important, but often times I’ll get distracted by someone coming into my office, a phone call, etc and I won’t know which perspective I’m currently viewing when I come back.

Anyway to return this functionality to OF2?


this is an important feature for us. we use the window name to review time spent on specific projects via Timing App.


Another hint is to look at the left sidebar. You’ll see which tab is selected.

Not if you hide the sidebar.

I don’t like having the sidebar/toolbar visible in some of these perspectives. I find it actually takes the “focus” out of OmniFocus with way too much superfluous information.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !

Latest upgrade fixes one of the biggest pet peeves for me! Now if only we can set the sidebar status PER perspective, I’ll be a very happy camper.

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