Perspective on deferred tasks that came available today

Hello, is this possible? I need a reminder for those task that are not ‘do or doom’ (with a red deadline) but need attention nonetheless.

Thank you

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You can set the Forecast perspective on OF for the Mac to include deferred tasks. I do that a lot and find it quite useful. At the beginning of the day, I scan Forecast to see anything overdue, anything due today, anything deferred to today, and anything tagged “Soon” (my Forecast tag). It gives me a good idea of how to prioritize the day while reminding me of things I decided at some point in the past I could start doing.

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Same for me + i also have a “Past Defer” perspective for the “deferred” items that i missed, since deferred items don’t roll over to the next dayscreen shot 2021-08-13 at 09.20.58.pdf (177 KB) …as shown on the attached file.

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