Perspective shortcuts keep disappearing

Have a shortcut for custom perspective on Omnifocus 4 for Mac. Every few days the keyboard shortcut disappears and I have to re-add it. Also, settings updated in perspective do not hold and it reverts to the older perspective version.

It sounds like you’re experiencing an editing conflict for that perspective, where some other device is making local edits to the perspective (perhaps automatically based on the perspective’s contents) before seeing your intentional edits (to the keyboard shortcut or other settings).

Try syncing all your devices, then edit your perspective and sync all your devices again so that they all have your intentional edits. Does your shortcut stick after that? If not, was there a specific device which caused the shortcut to be lost when synced?

  • Deleted perspective from all devices.
  • Synced on all devices.
  • Created a new perspective with new name.
  • … after 2 days the keyboard shortcut is reset.
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If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support humans at It sounds like there’s a bug here that would be great to track down!

Thanks again for sharing feedback on this, and sorry for the delay in getting to the bottom of it! We believe this bug should be fixed in the current TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4.3:

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Assigning a keyboard shortcut to a custom perspective now saves correctly, no longer breaks additional edits to custom perspective rules.

If you’d like to try out the fix before it ships, you can join the TestFlight at