Perspective Sort Order

I’m confused with how the sorting in a perspective works.

I have a parent called Priorities. The are four child tags; Top, High, Medium and Low (in that order).

I have created a custom perspective which I want to display tasks in the order of priority (see below). I don’t understand why the actions are sorted as they are (the tasks in the project are displayed below).

I think it’s sorting them by tag alphabetically.

If you’re right about alphabetization, inelegant though it is, you could rename the Perspectives by prepending letters earlier in the alphabet:

  • ‘A - Top priority’
  • ‘B - High Priority’
  • ‘C - Medium…’


Perhaps less intrusive would be decreasing numbers of Spaces; in the Finder that forces the order:

  • ‘[Space][Space][Space] - Top priority’
  • ‘[Space][Space] - High Priority’
  • ‘[Space] - Medium…’


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Yes, it sorts them alphabetically based on the first tag assigned to the action. Your best workaround is something like what @MarkSealey suggested.

Thank you both.

I’ve renamed the child tags to ‘1 top’, ‘2 High’, ‘3 Medium’ etc. and that works as expected.

Do you know what the secondary sort is for actions with the same tag? I’m messing about and I can see that it sorts by a second tag if there is one. Other than that the behaviour isn’t obvious. Due dates change the order but not in the way you would expect. Project order doesn’t same to affect it.

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