Perspective syncing OSX - iPhone app

I tend to be more of a power user of OmniFocus on my MacBook, and appreciate having the iOS version on my phone for checking off items from the Forecast. However, I was poking around the Perspectives in the iOS version of the app on my phone, and discovered that one of my perspectives was blank — there’s nothing there. (The app says “No matching items.”) However, on the OS X side, it has the requisite projects and folders I have selected. My other perspectives seem to contain the same items in both the OS X and the iOS versions of OmniFocus.

Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this and, more importantly, how to resolve this issue so my Perspective on my phone contains the same information as in the OS X app? Thanks.

OS X app is version 2.2.5, iOS 2.6.2

Hi @cwc, sorry for the trouble here! Does this particular perspective happen to have the same project selected for “focus” and for “sidebar selection”? That’s one scenario where I’ve seen this happen. If that’s the case, removing the sidebar selection (which is unnecessary if you’re focusing on the project anyway) should resolve this for you.

If that’s not what’s happening here, could you email us screenshots of the perspective settings from both devices so we can investigate?

To capture a screenshot on a Mac, ⌘⇧4 (command-shift-4) will give you a selection cursor to click and drag over your window. The resulting screenshot will save to your desktop for easy attachment to the email.

To take a screenshot on an iOS device press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device, then immediately press and release the Home button. The screenshot is added to the Camera Roll in the Photos app. You should then be able to attach it to an email. To do that, touch and hold in the body of the email and select Insert Photo or Video from the contextual menu and select the photo. Or, to send the photo to your computer you can use the camera application on your iOS device to email the photo to yourself, then attach it to an email to us from there.

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Hi @anne. Thanks for the explanation—this perspective did indeed have the same project selected for “focus” and “sidebar selection.” Removing it from “sidebar selection” fixed it. Thanks!