Perspective that excludes certain tags

I have a custom Today perspective that include everything that is due and flagged organized by Tag.

My tagging system is based on the type of task something is (e.g., writing, reviewing, etc.) but I also have people tags that indicate who else is involved in that task. People tags are always secondary tags and I want them excluded as a category in the display of the Today perspective. That is, I want something to show up only once in my Today perspective. So if something is tagged “Writing” and “Bill” I want there to be a category “Writing” displayed but not a category “Bill.”

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. I am open to rethinking what I am doing if that is the only way to accomplish this.

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We will need to wait for omnigroup to update their custom perspectives rules to include such logic. But that will break compatibility with OF3. It has been talked about as an upcoming feature for version 4.x

Send an email to to add your vote for this feature request.

Ah, good to know it was not just me.

I will try clone one of the old OF3 perspectives I have to see if that can do what I want (of course, it would break if OF stops supporting them).

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I may be misunderstanding your goal and I haven’t encountered any change in OF4 vs OF3 perspectives, so this may not help. I also have Pro.

I think what you are wanting to do can be solved with Grouping actions by “Tags (Combined).”

I use people tags too. Tags Combined allows me to only see the tag once.

I was hoping I could get OF 4 to do something that OF 3 couldn’t 😎

However, I had forgotten about Tags (Combined). It does get me most of the way to what I want. I think why I didn’t use it is because it produces a messier display that, form me, is harder to quickly scan. I will try it again.

Much thanks for the reminder.

I have a similar problem. My Today perspective shows all tasks tagged “Today” or that are due or have a due defer date or are flagged. I then assign priority tags (Eisenhower) in this perspective. The prioritized tasks then appear for daily planning in one of the 4 separate priority perspectives (important & urgent …).
With my structural concept, the tasks are often tagged twice.
E.g. All routine tasks have the tag “🔁 Routine” (repeate in a certain rhythm (defer date)). Then there are tasks that are marked with the “Today” tag, possibly also with a focus tag “Deep”, “Shallow” … Other tasks are tagged with the “Schedule” tag.
If I want to plan in the Today perspective, then I have to see which tasks are assigned to a specific priority tag. These tasks should then be grouped by these tags. If I structure the tasks by tags (combined) in the perspective, the display chaos breaks out. They will then also be displayed in the position of the used tags in the tag list when sorting.
It would make sense for me to have an option when grouping tasks where I can choose which tags I want taken into account when grouping.
I also grouped my tags (see screenshot). For example, my tag “Priority” contains the actual priority markings one level down. This would allow me to specify “Priority” in an option and thus specify which tags should be grouped by. That would be very helpful for me.

How do you display two rows of perspective icons?

Im sorry for the tease. I put the screenshot in an app screenshot Picsew to blur out some text. It must have “stitched” two pictures together and created a double perspective bar. There is no such thing sadly.

Yes, it’s definitely not the prettiest.