Perspective that shows nested action groups on iOS

Is this possible? Basically trying to recreate the project view (with nested action groups displayed) so I can link to a specific project from the Home Screen and have it act as if I am viewing the project itself. .Thanks

Yes, I think that is possible. Which filtering criteria would you like to use ?

Just show all action groups and actions within a specific project that are remaining…

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Many Thanks… don’t know why I hadn’t spotted that one! Shame we can’t get the fold/unfold triangles but I think that’s a long term request…

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The up and down arrows on the right side of your screen are the new versions of the old disclosure triangles.

I think it’s just Apple’s preferred version of the disclosure triangles as of recent Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

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Thanks, exactly what I needed, but is that the iPad version rather than iPhone? Doesn’t seem to appear on iPhone.?

The screenshots were taken on an iPhone.

OmniFocus 4 ?

Yes, that’s right.

I see! Need to upgrade than :-) Thanks

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